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Concept Analysis: Eduacation, Learning, Science and Values

Mail Subject: Professor, some questions and thinking about your lecture on July 31

(This is an open letter sharing within my friends and on my blog.)

Professor Taddei

I am xiaoshi from,(in Chinese: Discovery Education), and very nice to participate in this workshop. And thank you very much for your lecture at the evening of July 31 in PKU. But I have some questions and thinking to discuss with you:

What’s science ?
What’s non-science ?
What relationships are science and non-science ?
Where are the scientific problems from ?

Why do I ask these ?

Livio‘s comparison about Science and Education on the morning of July 29 gave me some inspiration, and some questions too. He extracted Science from Education, and thinked that it is easer from Science than from Education when to talk about education change. His some reasons are very atractive. But I feeled where there were some questions.

Later,when discussed the goals of education, we found it’s a very diffcult quetion, because it seems different frameworks behind some concepts related:

old framework ===> new framework
education as system & phenomenon                      ===> learning society
education as one sicence (what and why)          ===> learning science
goals of education (good or not, and should or not) ===> ethics

Only in this comparison, we could understand the relationship of education and science, and our more cleary goal——it’s NO Education But Learning Society。

And in this framework, education changes’ driving forces are from not only internal education but also external education, and even some times it is main outside. And education changes need find external force more positively.

So we need solve the first question, is How to Achieve the Information Symmetry through the power of the whole society, and rather than to suspend or even block the pace for achieving information symmetry because of the debates of edcational goals. But we are surfing from our reality.

Then what relationships is Science and Non-Science ? Here I only find some connections with Science and Values, or one circle:

(1) Facts & the Law
===>(2) Feelings & Experience
===>(3) Good or not, and Should or not (Values)
===>(4) What & Why (Science)
===>(1) Facts & the Law

And in this circle, we could see the relation between Science and Values, and the relation between local practice and global exprience, and who could be driving forces in building the Learning Society.

These are only some superficial understanding, but I wish to discuss with you.

May you and your children be happy in Beijing!



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